Official Australian Football Partner of Pescara Calcio

WHFC: 50 Years of History

WHFC will strive to build enjoyment of the game for players of junior and senior ages, male and female whilst being part of an includsivem family orientated community who aims for excellence and fair play both on and off field.


Today, WHFC is the largest sporting club in the banyule community

The Watsonia Heights Soccer/Football Club, was established in 1970 at the Gabonia Avenue site, the club has played a prominent role in the local community over its 50 year history and is proud of its contribution to the ongoing development of its players young and old (both on the field and off).ย It is an ideal environment for aspiring young Football players along with those who enjoy competing and participating in Football at all levels. Since 2011 Watsonia Heights has grown from a club that only fielded 11 junior teams and 3 senior teams to now be the biggest sporting club in the Banyule area. We have the largest playing base of any other club of any code. We have the largest number of female players of any club in Banyule area and the largest mixture of girls to boys ratio in the state. We run roughly double the state average. We are now proud to Field 21 Junior teams, 2 womenโ€™s and 4 menโ€™s senior teams. Junior numbers are anticipated to be around 400 for 2020 and 500 soon after. In 2020, we celebrate our 50th year of being a successful community sporting club but also WHFC has become the first club in Victoria to partner with an Italian Football Club: Pescara Calcio. This partnership brings many opportunities to WHFC that will allow our players to grow and have access to professional European coaches and staff to assist with their development at WHFC.

Official Australian Football Partner of Pescara Calcio 1936



Watsonia Heights Soccer Club was formed in 1969 by Mr Don Drake. Don came from Moreland City FC and as an Englishman he wanted to encapsulate the โ€˜Britishโ€™ origin of the club by making our club logo very similar to that of Moreland City Soccer Club. So, our logo has the Welsh Leek, Irish Clover, Scottish Thistle and English Rose โ€“ surrounding the Australian Kangaroo.

We also play in the British colours of Red, White and Royal Blue.

Watsonia Heights Soccer Club was represented by only Junior teams from 1970 through until 1985. They always used as their home ground โ€“ the Gabonia Avenue Reserve.

In 1986, Watsonia Heights SC fielded its first senior menโ€™s team and an Under 18โ€™s junior team. The senior menโ€™s team played in a competition run by the Victorian Amateur Soccer Association (VASA).

In 1987, Watsonia Heights SC fielded a first team and a reserve team for the first time, but no junior teams.  

To become a member of the Victoria Soccer Federation (VSF) in 1987, Watsonia Heights SC had to obtain a VSF – License. Nearby Diamond Creek SC were struggling to field a team and had incurred a sizeable debt. Peter Delany and his brother Glenn Delany agreed on behalf of Watsonia Heights SC to pay off the DCSCโ€™s outstanding debt (of $5000.00) to obtain the VSF License.

Even though we were always Watsonia Heights SC, to use the VSF license, we had to play under name โ€“ Diamond Valley until 1996.

In 1997, the VSF allowed us to revert back to Watsonia Heights SC to help remove the confusion with a neighbouring club โ€“ Diamond Valley United SC. 

In 2001, Grant Noons organised the first junior team since 1986 to represent Watsonia Heights SC.

Grant worked with the Banyule City Council to take over the use of Elder Street Reserve for our junior teams to play on. We had just the one junior team in 2001.

In 2013, while in the process of updating our club constitution, we changed our club name from Watsonia Heights Soccer Club to Watsonia Heights FC.


“For itโ€™s a grand old team to play for
and itโ€™s a grand old team to see
d if, you know, your history

Itโ€™s enough to make your heart go-oh-woe-woe-woe
We donโ€™t care what the other team say
What the hell do we care
Cause we only know that thereโ€™s gonna be a show and the Watsonia boys
(girls) will be there.”

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