Accreditation program

Memorandum of Understanding


WHFC is committed to the development of coaches and their ability to enhance the environment that all players at WHFC are exposed. The roll out of the National Curriculum and the adherence to training schedules, plans and outcomes is an absolute priority of the Junior Committee and the WHFC executive.

The coach enhancement scheme is to enable the year on year development of coaches at the club. It is a fully subsidised program of coaching accreditation via FFV/FFA approved and recommended courses appropriate to the levels of the fixture coaches are managing.

The WHFC committee recognize that the coaching output is what we will be held account to and we wish to compete at local levels with teams from a NPL club.

Program outline:

WHFC will pay for the enrolment of coaches onto the appropriate coaching course e.g. ‘C’ license Youth for the advancement of coach accreditation and player experience at the club.

This program is designed to increase capability, increase player attraction and retention to WHFC. 

This program should lead to more WHFC teams playing in higher divisions of the fixture e.g Kangaroo levels.


  • Multiple years of coaching at the club
  • Application and desire to extend coaching ability and capability
  • Adherence to National Curriculum
  • Commitment to tenure at the club for an additional 2 years in a coaching capacity
  • Coaches are accountable to the Technical Director of the junior club and must adhere to reporting requirements of regime progress
  • Commitment to enhance the experience of all players and help the development of other coaches
  • Coaches must maintain coaching updates at their expense and as per accreditation requirements


  • Coaches will be required to commit to 2 years of junior coaching after they are certified as accredited coaches.
  • Coaches will reimburse the club’s cost if they:
  1. Fail the course or do no gain accreditation
  2. Move to another club within 2 years after completing the accreditation process
  3. Cease coaching at the club within 2 years of completing the accreditation process
  • Coach must train at least 2 nights per week
  • Coach must run at least 1 coach the coach session. Can be done jointly with no more than 4 per year being delivered by the 2015/16 intake of ‘C’ license coaches.


Coaches are one of the most important resources the club has and recognizing the best of them via Coaching Accreditation Programs is recognition that these coaches have applied the standards the club expects and has demonstrated a desire to improve their own skills and the player’s experience.