Conflict Of Interest Policy

Conflict of interest policy

A conflict of interest exists when an individual within the club must choose between the best thing for their commercial interests and the best thing for Watsonia Heights FC.

Coaches, committee members, Technical Director, Skills coaches, Canteen staff, Cleaning staff are free to have other commercial interests outside of WHFC. If this is the main source of income and outside the sporting field, no disclosure is needed.

Where other interests existing including but not limited to:

  • FFV employment

  • FFA employment

  • Soccer school employment

  • Soccer academy employment

  • Sporting supplies

  • Apparel supplies

  • Other commercial interests that may be beneficial to having access to WHFC players, equipment or intellectual property

    No one in any official capacity is permitted to use their position to enhance their commercial position through their role at WHFC. Examples of this might be:

  • Team Coaches charging for extra training sessions

  • WHFC players being recruited to outside providers to be charged a fee for those services e.g. soccer academies

  • Skills coaches providing “private sessions” to players outside of Football Dynamics program

All conflicts must be disclosed to the WHFC as soon as they are identified. Any breach of this policy may result in suspension of duties at WHFC and potential termination of duties.