Dress code


  • All players are representing Watsonia Heights Football Club and should be attired appropriately at all times.


  • Football attire is to be worn, Boots, sock shorts all should be appropriate to play football in and should be designed for Football. The tops can be other than a playing top such as a supporter’s top.

Game day:

  • Children should attend games dressed in their playing shorts, socks and shoes appropriate for the ground they will be using. Boots can be changed into, but it is no appropriate to walk across a ground in slippers before getting changed.
  • Children should arrive at the game dressed in their uniform with a Watsonia Approved outer layer on, hoodie, rain coat or jacket is fine. It should have a Watsonia Logo on the left breast.

Social functions:

  • Players should be mindful of the broad cross section of age groups we have at the club. All social functions should be ‘smart casual’ unless otherwise stipulated. Smart casual means that clothing can be of a casual nature, but must not be too revealing and must be age appropriate.

Appearance and hygiene:

  • All players / coaches should appear clean shaven with neat hair. Girls should have their hair tied back and nails tapped. All jewelry should be removed.


  • All jewelry is to be removed.