Expectations of a participation team

Criteria and application

A participation team is a team not in an A grade fixture and does not play in a Kangaroos fixture. We understand that children play football for varied reasons and participation teams are for those players that are recent participants or still are developing their football skills.

Overview and intention

It is the intention of a participation team that they should be given equal playing time, are not focused on results and always have the next few years in mind when applying the National Curriculum to training sessions and game day scenarios.

Teams will train 2 times per week and priority will be given to those kids that train most often unless there is an agreement in place between a parent and a coach.

E.g. Trent plays basketball for his school every Tuesday night and cannot attend training on Tuesdays. If this is acceptable to the coach it is ok for Trent to participate equally with other kids in the team.

Variance to participation levels

A players ‘playing time’ can only be varied under the following circumstances:

  1. Injury.
    Parents are obliged to notify coaches or Team Managers of an injury to their child. If a coach assesses a child of not being able to play because of an injury then they should always err to the side of caution.
  2. Non notification of attendance.
    All players are required to notify the coach that they cannot attend training or game day with as much notice as possible. “Mum and dad not doing it” is not an excuse. If a child is a repeat offender then game time maybe decreased.
  3. Tardiness.
    All players are required to be on time to training and game day. All players are required to notify the coach or the Team Manager of running late. If there are clashing priorities than an arrangement can be entered into by the parent and the Coach / Team Manager. If no arrangement is in place, no notifications is received by the player than game time can be decreased.
  4. Discipline.
    If after the WHJFC discipline process has been followed and the result is the suspension of a player, this will be communicated to that player and it cannot be varied.

Issues resolution

If at any time a player or a parent has an issue they need resolved regarding this policy, the Team Manager is the person to see in the first instance as and when they arise.

If it is not resolved by the Team Manager, the WHFC grievance and disciplinary policy should be used to rectify the situation.