Player behavior at training and discipline process

Club Policy

It is a requirement that Players/parents/spectators/coaches/Team Managers abide by the club’s Code of Conduct at all times.

At training players are required to show respect to coaches, club officials and their team mates.

Training times are an essential part of the player’s development, any individual who is disruptive to the greater group or disrespectful to the coach or Club official will be asked to sit out for a period of time according to their age group.

Disciplinary Process.

Warning 1:

"If your behavior continues you will be asked to sit out for XX period of time". As a guide players should sit out a period of time reflective of their age. An under 8 player should sit out no longer than 8 minutes. An u16 player should sit out 16 minutes.

Warning 2:

"Your behavior has not changed and you are disrupting the session for the rest of the group. Please sit out XX time". This time should be spent off the training pitch but within sight of the coach / Club official.

Warning 3:

"You have spent time out and your behavior has not improved, l will now contact your parents and ask them to come and get you". The player should wait inside the club room or near the entrance of the club room for their parents to collect them.

If the parent wishes to discuss the behavior then they can after training has finished and should do so with the team manager or another club official present.

This process will be repeated every time there is a cause to do so. Any player who has been asked to leave training with their parent 3 times will automatically miss the next game and subsequent games until they have appeared in front of the Executive Committee to explain their actions and to put in place a strategy to cease any further disciplinary action.

Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the Watsonia Heights Junior Football Committee via the relevant Team Manager.

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