Red card

Association imposed sanctions:

Where a player or an official is sanctioned by our association e.g. red card. It is the expectation that the player is to incur the cost of that sanction.

In the case of a player receiving a red card, the club will pay the relevant fine and the player can reimburse the club. This reimbursement can be made in two ways:

1.    Payment to the treasurer of the full amount (payment plan accepted)


2.    Attendance to Mini Roos training sessions until the value of the fine is accrued. This attendance will be accrued at $20.00 per hour.

E.g if an u16 player is red carded and therefore receives a fine of $60.00, he/she can attend miniroos training sessions to help a coach and their fine will be paid with 3 X 1 hour attendances.

Where an official is fined, this total fine must be paid in full within 30 days of the fine being received by the club. There may also be further sanctions imposed at the clubs discretion.

Where a parent or supporter is identified and fined, the fine must be paid before that supporter / parent can attend their next game. There may also be further sanctions imposed at the club’s discretion.