Official Australian Football Partner of Pescara Calcio

Watsonia Heights FC & Pescara Calcio

New to Watsonia Heights FC in 2020 is our collaboration with Pescara Calcio. A relationship that will bring many opportunities to the members of WHFC in years to come.


Whilst 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, in the background our executive team have been working closely with the team at Pescara Calcio developing programs ready to introduce in the 2021 season.


As part of our relationship with Pescara Calcio our local on the ground Pescara Calcio Liaison, Carlo Tagliamonte, recently met with Angelo Londrillo from Pescara Calcioย to present them with co-branded merchandise.



We thank the team at Pescara Calcio for their ongoing support and look forward to building a longer-term partnership between both clubs.

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